Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO Teams Up with Oreo for a Delectable Collaboration!!

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  • Yesss. I'm gonna need that in America asap!

  • These finna be sold out everywhere thanks to scalpers. This is just like Pokémon and once something like this comes out from either franchise, mfs will be gathering as much as they want and reselling them for more than they’re worth; while people who actually want these for their own sake can’t ever get any because of scalpers taking all of it.

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    • I'm so jealous of Japan now. We need this in America????

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      • Canada better get stocked up I need these.

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        • Lovely stuff and fun collaboration.

        • Get some around the world please.

        • Yeah, there was actually Oreos in the film that Dr.Hedo was eating if you didn't realise that. But I absolutely love Oreos!

        • I wanna eat it in China,sell it in China please!

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          • I need these in america like right now

          • Are these going to be sold in the US or how or what site can I order these from

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            • Sad, why not sell them at the whole world?

            • *This comment was deleted by its poster.

            • looks awesome, need it in america!

            • パッケージが9種類? コレクター精神に火をつけるつもりかい??    仕方ない・・集めるか。

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              9 types of packages? Are you going to ignite the collector's spirit? ?? It can't be helped ... Is it collected?

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