Straight from the Producer's Mouth! The Making of DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS!

☆Release: 2022
☆Price: To be determined
☆Genre: Online Asymmetrical Action
☆Platform: PlayStation 4/Nintendo Switch/Xbox One/STEAM

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  • Vous avez tellement perdu du temps à développer un jeu pareil. Vous auriez dû vous focaliser sur le développement de Xenoverse 3 ou d'autres jeux Dragon Ball.

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    You wasted so much time developing a game like this. You should have focused on developing Xenoverse 3 or other Dragon Ball games.

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    • It's Alive !! ^,^)/

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    • Recebi a beta fechada, gostei muito do jogo acho que a versão final vai ficar melhor ainda.

    • ベータテスト2回目はまだでしょうか?

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      Is the second beta test yet?
      It was really fun so I want to play again!

    • ドラゴンボールにでてきそうな服装や獣人でプレイしたい!

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      I want to play with clothes and beastmen who are likely to appear in Dragon Ball!

    • I’m interested as to how this game will bring a new perspective to the Dragon Ball franchise

    • Agradecemos o esforço e dedicação, Dragon Ball é um universo incrível para explorar vários conceitos de jogos, mas a Bandai Namco deve ouvir mais o fans.
      Xenoverse 3, Budokai series Remake ou fighterZ 2 são os jogos que os fans mais anseiam.

    • I do find the concept to be intriguing. It's also refreshing for a Dragon Ball game. Unfortunately, the game looks a little too stiff, in my opinion. But I suppose we will find out.

    • Not much of a fan of this type of game. hopefully they can release this soon so they can just focus on Xenoverse 3

    • I think this game is fun but you guys really need to rethink some of your decisions. I don't see it doing well if theres no crossplay. Especially on Switch. Also with such a freemium market in place in the games market it should either be really cheap or F2P.

    • I see a lot of people here talking about Xenoverse 3... This might be a hot take but as highly anticipated as Xenoverse 3 is (i own both games myself), Xenoverse 2 is still currently getting updates. I think it's important to give other games a chance to be developed and experienced. I, personally am extremely excited for this game. Being one of the people who had the chance to beta test the game I very much enjoyed that new concept (at least in terms of the Z-verse) and I do wish to see more people who are in support of it's future release and the new ideas/concepts for the DB game series as opposed to rushing old concepts. I'm very excited for new ways we'll be able to experience the Z-verse. However, if universe 6 Hercule gets confirmed for Xenoverse 3 I'll be a little more on the hype train.

    • Did they actually realize that this game actually exists?

    • Hi

    • This could be a fun little mini game, but I’m really hoping we get a big game like Xenoverse 3 soon!

    • Sloplays is goat

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      Sloplays is goat