Dyspo Confirmed as DLC Character for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2!

☆Release Date:Available Now
☆Genre:Fighting, Action
☆Platform:PlayStation 4
☆Release Date:Available Now
☆Genre:Fighting, Action
☆Platform:PlayStation 4
DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 for Nintendo Switch
☆Release:Available now
☆Genre:Fighting, Action
☆Platform:Nintendo Switch

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  • 色々ありましたが…
    ドラゴンボール super hero
    6/11 公開が決まり!

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    There were various things ...
    Dragon Ball super hero
    6/11 release is decided!
    Fans all over the world are looking forward to it!

  • I can't wait for new transformation for cac

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    • I hope are CAC get axcess to the Dyspo's awaken skill. That would be so awesome.

    • Ultra Instict goku sign and now Dyspo this is the tournoment of power.
      I wonder what the custom characters will be.

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      • Question will the dlc be published on Xbox

      • Cool new DLC with Dyspo

      • It would be nice to get awakens for some of the custome partners like "Yamcha, Tien, KrilleRadio, etc. And we be able to customize their hair color.

      • I hope this dlc is available in the beginning of summer and not midway through it

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        • Xenoverse 2 is pretty much getting a golden era right now.

        • Great nice character Dyspo, I'm surprised he has a transformation. I'm sorry not to see Vegeta GT, I like too much as a character, I've always wanted to play him, I hope there is a chance that he will come out in the future.

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          • Interesting choice for a new character, but a welcome one.

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            Interesting choice for a new character, but a welcome one.

          • I'm so happy it's Dyspo and not GT Vegeta, Dyspo even has an awoken skill! Hats off to the developers!

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