Interview with the Voices of Gohan & Piccolo from Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO, Masako Nozawa & Toshio Furukawa!

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  • いつも、のざわまさこさん、声優の方々に教わり支えられながらの作業だと思います。今回のご飯は、突っ込みを入れます。よくしゃべります。コミュニケーションが好きながら、相変わらず、人を殺すのは好きじゃないという優しい一面も健在です!話し合いをした結果、話し合いが通じないから嫌われたという形をとっています。コミュニケーションをとても大切にし、なおかつピッコロの修行で、かつての弱点だった甘さがなくなっています。甘くないご飯として師弟活躍をします!お楽しみに!

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    I think that the work is always being taught and supported by Masako Nozawa and the voice actors. For this rice, I will put a plunge. I talk a lot. I like communication, but I still don't like killing people. As a result of the discussion, it takes the form of being disliked because the discussion cannot be communicated. Communication is very important, and the Piccolo Training has eliminated the sweetness that was once a weak point. I will play an active part as a teacher and a pupil as unsweetened rice! looking forward to!

  • Nozawa-san is a legend and a great human being. How lucky the kids were who got their autograph boards bought by the real life Goku! I am so exited for this new movie.

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  • It's nice to see how well these two play their parts in the show, and that they have such a close bond irl. Mrs. Nozawa's story about buying poster for the kids warmed my heart! I can't wait to see the movie here in the States, but I need to find a way to watch it with the original Japanese vas legitimately to show my support!

  • 悟飯とピッコロという師弟関係を超えた絆が生まれるのは、野沢さんと古川さんという日本が誇る伝説の声優さんたちが演じられているからだと思います。何よりもお二人のドラゴンボール愛がすごい!!

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    I think that the reason why Gohan and Piccolo, a bond that transcends the master-student relationship, is created is because the legendary voice actors Nozawa and Furukawa, who are proud of Japan, are played. Above all, their love for Dragon Ball is amazing! !!
    I'm looking forward to co-starring and fighting together in tomorrow's movie!

  • 自分の良い人エピを自分で話しちゃう野沢さん好き

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    I like Mr. Nozawa who talks about his good person Epi by himself

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