Dragon Ball-ism Toriyama Showcase #14: Savings Soldier Cashman!

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  • Another little mistake is that at the end of the article it's written * All comic images are in Japanese instead of *All comic images are from the Japanese version, like it's written in all the other Dragon Ball-ism articles

  • Hi! There's a little spelling mistake in the chapter three part. "This robber is quite the eccentric type,and has spent..."
    The comma is attached to the word.
    Can you please fix it?

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  • I really loved this. I’d love to have more knowledge of Toriyama’s other works.

  • The Koyama/Nakatsuru Cashman manga was amazing! It's a shame they never made a Dragon Ball Spinoff-manga of their own !!

  • 懐かしい!キャッシュマン!ギャグ漫画なんだけど!正義の味方が面白いです!

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    nostalgic! Cashman! It's a gag manga! The ally of justice is interesting!

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