Additional Info on Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Conton City Poll DLC "Awakened Warrior Pack"!

☆Release Date:Available Now
☆Platform:PlayStation 4
☆Release Date:Available Now
☆Platform:PlayStation 4
DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 for Nintendo Switch
☆Release:Available Now
☆Platform:Nintendo Switch

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  • SS4 Gogeta needed that custom extremely bad but really Base Goku Black the actual reskin in the game and Godku when we already have custom Base Goku why?

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    • Really excited for this DLC just wish I knew the exact release date for it because just saying summer can mean anything from the remainder of June to September 20th being the last calendar day of summer.

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    • 今後のDLCのすべてに興奮しています! =^-^= ????

    • I wish they would at least give us a time period for if the dlc is coming out early or late summer, well hopefully early summer.

    • シャンパさん死なないで ( ; ω ; )

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      Don't die Champa(; ω;)

    • Ah maintenant comme pour manga plus on peut faire des commentaires.Manga plus permet de lire les mangas du Jump en ligne donc dragon ball one Piece Naruto et plein d'autres.

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      Ah now as for manga plus we can make comments. Manga plus allows you to read the mangas of Jump online so dragon ball one Piece Naruto and many others.

    • Please add Ultra Instinct and fusion (both potara and fusion dance) as awoken skills for the avatars in Xenoverse 2

    • *This comment was deleted by its poster.

    • Why not give us the damaged goku gi with his shirt? I'm pretty sure a lot of people want that

    • At this point I'm like "TAKE MY MY MONEY"

    • Put Super Saiyan 4 Transformation Awaken Skill On Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

    • Please add fused Zamasu hair style. The wig ist not good

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      Please add fused Zamasu hair style. The wig is not good

    • Just release the dlc already

    • I still want customizable auras in xenoverse

    • Dragon ball fandom is something else, goku black plus vegeta ssg ????? really ?

    • Je suis vraiment très heureux de voir que Baby Végéta ET Gogeta super saiyen 4 ont été sélectionnés ça faisait partit des seuls que je voulais vraiment !

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      I'm really happy to see that Baby Vegeta AND Gogeta super saiyen 4 were selected, it was one of the only ones I really wanted!

    • ゴジータ4は技の構成が使いずらかったからカスタム出来るようになって嬉しい。

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      Gogeta 4 was difficult to use, so I'm happy to be able to customize it.
      It is even better if you can use Ryu-Ken (Dragon Fist)

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