[Namek Editorial] Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO Movie!! Revealing Toriyama's Illustrations of Piccolo's House & Penenko!

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  • 今回の映画のパンちゃんぐらいの歳からピッコロさん大好きなので今回の映画は大満足です!

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    I've loved Piccolo since I was about Pan -chan in this movie, so I'm very happy with this movie!
    Piccolo was a big success and I was happy from the beginning to the end!

  • It’s nice that Piccolo now has a home rather than staying on Kami’s lookout with Dende.

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  • ピッコロさんの新設定とか色々出てきて嬉しい…なにしろ初恋相手なので…

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    I'm glad that Piccolo's new settings are coming out ... Anyway, it's my first love partner ...

  • *This comment was deleted by its poster.

  • The New SHF Piccolo Super Hero should come with his phone accessories with his phone gripping hand. Really a miss opportunity, that scene really make me LOL.

  • I NEED that Penko plushie! soooo cute!! also, I love the design of Piccolo's house so much! it reflects his personality very well.

  • I loved the illustration by Sensai and what it later became during the production. I like how Piccolo's house reflects his personality as to how all homes reflect something about their owner's tastes and what type of lifestyle they prefer. These details allow us to see it as a more natural setting rather than a generic one-bed house. I also loved the Penenko plush and how it's funny that Piccolo doesn't complain when given these toys not to disrespect video or Gohan's feelings, and while it's a slow ice break from Piccolo as he back in Z while he was slowly beginning to care for Gohan to now actually be a close friend to Gohan and someone his family truly can trust and rely on is something that's quite a tearjerker to see especially after watching this series from its very beginnings.

  • Je pen qu'il aurait du y avoir une cuisine et un lit enfant dans la maison de piccolo.
    Piccolo a reproché à Gohan de ne pas être suffisamment présent pour pan.
    Piccolo entraîner pan. il est donc logique qu'elle passe beaucoup de temps chez piccolo.
    Il faut bien que pan se repose un peu est qu'elle mange aussi, c'est pas une namek de l'eau sa suffi pour ????????

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    I think there should have been a kitchen and a crib in piccolo's house.
    Piccolo blamed Gohan for not being around enough to pan.
    Piccolo lead pan. so it makes sense that she spends a lot of time at piccolo.
    It is necessary that pan rests a little is that she also eats, it is not a namek of the water its enough for ????????

  • I’m honestly surprised he doesn’t have a bathroom or a bed or something.

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    • 25日に入場者特典が第2弾来るって事でみにいってきます!!

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      I'm coming to see the second visitor privilege coming on the 25th !!
      Look for Piccolo's chair ♪

    • 先生のペネンコとピッコロさんハウスtskr

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      Teacher Penenko and Piccolo House tskr