A One-Sided Rivalry? Goku and Vegeta's Relationship as Analyzed by a Psychology Expert!


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  • I always loved Vegeta !

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    I always loved Vegeta !

  • Vegeta is more human like
    Yes thank you Ota san

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    • Lamentablemente Vegeta tiene esos rasgos humanos que lo hacen menos saiyajin, rasgos que no son para nada buenos y claramente no le favorecen.

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      Unfortunately, Vegeta has those human traits that make him less Saiyan, traits that are not good at all and clearly do not favor him.

    • Lo suponía

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      I supposed

    • Very great post guys!!! Very interesting to hear professionals talk about Dragon Ball. Love to see him talk about the other relationships in the series.

    • 自尊感情は小さい子供が持つと知って、ベジータがすこし子供っぽいのがなぜかわかった気がする。

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      Knowing that small children have self-esteem, I feel like I understand why Vegeta is a little childish.

    • Imagine psychoanalyzing the reason behind their differing strengths just for the author to reduce it to a simple wish made on the dragonballs

    • Es solo una caricatura. 3sobo cambia nada ta que Akira fue quien escribió el guión y no los fans, y ni gun psicológo loco.

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      It's just a cartoon. 3sobo changes nothing so that Akira was the one who wrote the script and not the fans, and not a crazy psychologist.

    • *This comment was deleted by its poster.