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  • 先生、ベジータの弟ターブルくんをドラゴンボール超漫画で見せてお願いします。


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    Please show your teacher, Vegeta's younger brother, Tarble-kun, in a Dragon Ball Super manga.

    I'm Table, the character I want you to re-appear in the Dragon Ball Super movie.Broly /> It seems that it exists in the official history because it was touched a little in the Broly movie ...

  • とよたろうさん、ベジータの弟「ターブル」君の月間イラストを描いてみてお願いします。
    Toyotarou-san, please draw a monthly illustration of Vegeta's younger brother "Tarble".
    will Vegeta's younger brother "Tarble" appear in Dragon Ball Super?

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    • ベジータの弟「ターブル」のイラストを描いてお願いします

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      Please draw an illustration of Vegeta's younger brother "Table"

    • とよたろう先生、ベジータの弟「ターブル」をドラゴンボール超漫画で見せてお願いします

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      Toyotarou-sensei, please show Vegeta's younger brother "Table" in Dragon Ball Super Manga.

    • Could you please make an arc where gohan, trunks, and goten are the main characters and could you PLEASE give trunks his long purple awesome hair back. Thank you Mr. Toyotaro ????????

    • Hi Toyotarou
      Between Goten and gohan, which one has the greatest potential?

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      Hi Toyotarou
      Between Goten and gohan, which one has the greatest potential?

    • Hey Toyotarou! Big fan!

      I was wondering, now that Raditz has been briefly shown in flashbacks and even slightly mentioned in present day.

      Is it possible that he may make a return in a future arc as a prominent character?

      When I was a kid, I used to hate Raditz but upon growing up, he became my favorite character. After reading DB Minus, seeing the flashbacks in the Granolah arc, and even in the Broly movie, I realized that Raditz use to be a good kid prior to working with Vegeta and Nappa.

      I agree with many Raditz fans that it feels like he was underutilized and made out to be a total loser who could never get praise despite trying his best, especially when he was born a mid class warrior from a family full of low class warriors.

      I know the power difference between him and Goku is extremely massive, but is it possible for him to come back? It would be interesting to see how he interacts with the people, especially Gohan and Piccolo. I think you could make his redemption arc work.

    • いつもありがとうございます!これからも宜しくお願いいたします!ごはんとパンと18号を宜しくお願いいたします!新しいドラゴンボールがかけるということで楽しみにしています!生存者グラノラということで皆共感もてるのでは?笑

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      I am always grateful for your help! nice to meet you! Thank you for your rice, Pan and No. 18! I'm looking forward to the new Dragon Ball! Maybe everyone can sympathize with the survivor Granolah? smile
      Thank you for the gag scene such as Toyotarou-sensei Arale! I would like to ask Great Saiyaman and Ginyu! It's difficult to write a girl character, but I'd like a character that is cute, cool, and loved by everyone! It's a girl who appears in a Dragon Ball, so it's clean! This is a good manga, so thank you!

    • 6番目の宇宙との次のプロットはいつ行われますか?




      第6宇宙のサイヤ人女性とたくさん戦いたい! 超サイヤ人女性に超サイヤ人神と超サイヤ人超サイヤ人神を成し遂げてほしい!


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      When will the next plot with the 6th Universe take place?

      Make the hero of the future Ark a Caulifla, Kale, and Cabba!

      Please tell us about the conflict between Caulifla and King Sadala.

      Talk about the legendary Saiyan of the 6th Space Kale?

      I want to fight a lot of Saiyan women in the Universe 6! I want super Super Saiyan women to achieve super Super Saiyan gods and Super Saiyan Super Saiyan gods!

      Let's develop their story!

    • Hello Toyotaro, I love your work. Is there any plan to make a manga version of DBS: Super Hero? What do you think about Pan and teenage Goten and Trunks? How strong is Merus after becoming a mortal? Sorry, that's three questions...

    • How strong is Gas compared to all of The Gods of Destruction? Is he on par, weaker, or stronger than them?

    • What was the power level of Bardock and Gas in their fight?

    • Hi Toyotaro Sensei.

      Will we see Broly in the next Saga?

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      Hi Toyotaro Sensei.

      Will we see Broly in the next Saga?

    • とよたろう先生初めまして!いつも楽しく拝見させて頂いております。

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      Toyotarou sensei Nice to meet you! I am always happy to see you.
      As for the question, Granolah asked Shenron to grant her wish, but because she did not have the best ability in the universe, she fulfilled her wish even if her life was shortened.Gas? I don't think it was drawn, but what about it?
      Did you get the best power in the universe by shortening the lifespan because you have no ability like Granolah? I want to know.
      I'm worried because I'm shaving my life and awakening my power to the limit.
      Please answer by all means.
      I would like to continue to support you, so I hope that the series will continue for a longer time than Professor Toriyama.
      Please take care of yourself and do your best.
      Thank you for creating the opportunity to ask questions in this way.

    • Pls if anything try to give us an answer as to why they can't survive in space

    • And there are also time you tend to give vague reasons to an ability or feat

      Example:when gas traveled from whis planet back to planet cerealian you didn't specify how my light years or galaxies he traveled (sure with proper research we can tell he flew from a whole different milky way) but give us some answers to things like that would be great

    • And will the demon realm ever be utilized?
      I feel like they can be a great use for the dragon ball lore

    • Pls I'd like to ask toyotaro sensei a question
      If goku and vegeta are that powerful why can't they survive in space?

      And are you doing anything to remove this restriction? Its just feels funny when beings that powerful are restricted by something like that.

      A lot of fans would gladly like to know

      A short answer but definite answer would be ok

      Thank you in advance

    • When Vegeta masters his new form Ultra Ego. Will he gain symbol marks on his body similar to how G.o.D. Toppo did in the anime adaption?

    • Hello Toyotaro Sensei. ????

      Do the Tsufuros have something to do with 7-3?

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      Hello Toyotaro Sensei. ????

      Do the Tsufuros have something to do with 7-3?

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