Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Conton City Vote Pack Is Coming July 7 (Thur)!! Free Update on July 6 (Wed)!!

☆Release Date:Available Now
☆Platform:PlayStation 4
☆Release Date:Available Now
☆Platform:PlayStation 4
DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 for Nintendo Switch
☆Release:Available now
☆Platform:Nintendo Switch

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  • Holy cow, it feels like I've been waiting for this forever and now that we're finally getting it it's everything I could have ever hoped for, I still do kind of wish that Cabba was given a custom partner key, but I guess we can just get that in the next one. But besides that I'm looking forward to literally everything else in this new update and DLC.

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    • Nice

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    • I can't wait for the DLC to drop!
      It's really weird that Wild Buster is just a super attack and not an ultimate, but i couldn't care less since GT Vegeta is a character i wanted since 2016. I'm so hyped!

    • Franchement, je suis loin d'être déçu, ce Végéta est vraiment différent des autres qu'on a eu l'habitude de voir. J'ai hâte de l'essayer !

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      Frankly, I'm far from disappointed, this Vegeta is really different from the others we used to see. I can't wait to try it!

    • Dragon Ball GT... Many fans are waiting for the BGM of Dragon Ball GT.

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      Dragon Ball GT...Many fans are waiting for the BGM of Dragon Ball GT.

    • I can’t believe they did GT Vegeta that well. I was expecting a lot less well done dimps.

    • My Question it's what awoken skill a.k.a transformation will be given to us will it be Ultra super saiyan which it's super saiyan 1 but make your body get buff super saiyan rage which only DBS trunks use in the storymode false super saiyan which goku uses against Lord slug in Dragon ball z movie Lord slug arc
      Or either super saiyan 4 or super saiyan rose because Ui and Ultraego are still not been announced or confirmed yet the one transformation i would love to have its limit breaker it's a awoken skills the look almost like potential unleashed but more flashy and gives you a shining both aura and your body shines i would love to have that transformation but oh well gotta wait what Bandai namco and Dimps corporation got in there mind to give us to our customization character awoken skill because i know frieza race can have 3rd form namekian can have the fuse with kami which its called namekian fusion as for buu race...let me think...well they could gives us super buu but you look similar to super buu but with different colors and voice as for majin android 21 for they could give us a humanoid form like majin android 21 has only different and last Earthling race now its gonna be difficult because we have never got or seen Earthling getting a transformation but they could give us a form i remember from the video game called Dragon ball z shin budokai a form krillin used to have was called Unlock potential which gives you a potential unleashed aura only in this form its blue and i think Unlock potential its potential unleashed but inferior to power maybe I don't know somebody correct me if am wrong but those are my thoughts of transformation for every race even though saiyan race got more transformation then any race

    • Really want xenovers 2 to Bring fusion to are custom Avatar Really need to fuse with Theme

    • About dam time

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