Weekly ☆ Character Showcase Bonus Content! Technique Compendium—Perfect Cell

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  • セルの弱点は、これがゲームだと思っているところです。孫悟空一家は、ゲームではなく、戦いだと思っています。要するに、勝ち負けがはっきりするんです。孫悟空一家が勝つときがセルの負ける時なんです。セルはゲーム感覚でいるから自爆も簡単にします。その自爆を狙ってただけなのですが。

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    The weakness of the Cell is that it thinks this is a game. The Son Goku family thinks it's a battle, not a game. In short, the win or loss is clear. The time when the Son Goku family wins is the time when the Cell loses. Since the Cell is like a game, it makes self-destruction easy. I was just aiming for that suicide bomb.

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    • For cell as long as he has your dna he can do what you can do. Besides transformations.

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