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  • Absolutely loved the art and fight scenes in the newest chapter !! I also loved how they brought Bardock into this story , I'm one of the many fans that's always wanted more of him and for goku to learn more about his dad !

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    • Will he be able to use in all his forms as a level up in power

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      Will he be able to use in all his forms as a level up in power

    • WHOA!!! This chapter really hit hard!! I Gotta say the Artwork and the way the story has evolved Is Out of this world! I can't believe I went from not liking Grahnola to wanting to see him live and avenge his mother! also I love love love how Goku got to see what his father looks like and also learn a little bit about him and what it means to have Saiyan pride and to be a Saiyan!! it means to never give up and to keep fighting even when it seems impossible to win!!

    • Sweet