[August 1st] Weekly Dragon Ball News Special Episode! [Part 1]

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  • There should be a guide of how strong everyone is

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    • Please fix English subtitles

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    • 英語字幕がおかしい

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      weird english subtitles
      please fix this!

    • Question. Will we ever see Gohan fully shirtless and serious fighting against a villain or antagonists? Goku and Vegeta did, I’d be cool for Gohan to finally get his time.

    • Can we get an updated height and weight of the Z fighters? Just curious about how much some of them have grown like Goku, Vegeta and Gohan. I have noticed Vegeta seems to have grown since Z, and I’d imagine Gohan and Goku are at least around 190 lbs by now. Also, I wonder how much Broly weights

    • I have a question. How physically strong is base form Goku? Do you think he’s capable of lifting a planet, or multiple planets at one in base form?

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      • I have a question?

        Is the world of Dragon Ball consists of only four dimensions?

        And if my words are true, this means that the characters from other works that go beyond the fifth dimension are stronger than the characters of Dragon Ball?

        Are your answers to these questions 100% reliable?

        Please answer my questions with a yes or no and please explain to me what

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        • ドラゴンボールの漫画を描いてどのくらいになりますか

        • Great Q&A. Not sure if this is where you ask question, but just in case it is, I have a question. I know Goku is like 137 lbs near the end of Dragon Ball, it he looks like he’s gotten bigger. How much would you say he weighs by the time of the Frieza Saga? I always imagined Goku being at least somewhere between 190-200 lbs.

        • いつもありがとうございます!これからもよろしくお願いします。ドラゴンボールを楽しみにしてます!

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          I am always grateful for your help! I look forward to working with you. Looking forward to Dragon Ball!

        • Son goku the best!

        • How heavy is Goku now in Super and how heavy is Gohan? Both used to be in the 130s but they both look about 190 or 200 pounds now seeing how muscular they’ve gotten and how much they eat

        • ???? je suis nouveau
          J ai une supposition du nouveau db
          Avec tous ce que j ai eu a comprendre sur le dbsuper donc je nomme le titre la faille
          -chap1: doit comment par un dinné interunivers et comme le 7 avait gagne donc chez eux et le dieu de la destruction qui avait eu a battre birus en bras de fer et grace goku l idot ils vont remettre ca mais l issues sera la meme alors birus vexé avec champa qui le tape sur le systeme blablabla ....!!! La pagaille s installe. Vous vous demandez ou zeno ? Depuis quand il ose se comporter comme ca devant lui... bah je vous rassure qu il est sorti a l accompagne de wiss et le grand prete pour decouvrir les fameuse plat de u7 et la fin de l ep est marque par une trou noir debouchant une masse d energie que meme les dieux ensemble n ont pas eu a le stopper et comme le grand preter voi tout en qq sorte il es sur les lieu et stpper cette masse d energie avec un peu de difficulté.
          Quels ce nouveau menance qui gete l ensemble des u cofondus❤❤❤
          L ep 2 va montrer peut etre ca

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          ???? I am new
          I have a guess of the new db
          With all that I had to understand on the dbsuper so I call the title the fault
          -chap1: must how by an interuniverse dinner and as the 7 had won at home and the god of destruction who had to beat birus in arm wrestling and grace goku the idol they will do it again but the issues will be the same then birus upset with champa who hits him on the system blablabla ....!!! The mess sets in. You wonder where zeno? Since when did he dare to behave like that in front of him... well, I can assure you that he went out accompanied by wiss and the big loan to discover the famous dishes of u7 and the end of the ep is marked by a black hole leading to a mass of energy that even the gods together did not have to stop it and like the great priest sees everything somehow he is on the spot and stpper this mass of energy with a little difficulty.
          What is this new threat that gets all the co-melted u ❤❤❤
          The ep 2 will show maybe that

        • *This comment was deleted by its poster.

        • とよたろう先生のインタビューが多くてありがたい

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          Thank you for the many interviews with Toyotarou-sensei.
          I wonder if there won't be a dialogue with Toriyama-sensei like in Volume 4.

        • Great Q&A, looking forward to more next week!

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