The Surprisingly Profound Teachings of Kamesennin: The Martial Arts Mentality in Dragon Ball as Analyzed by a Professional Martial Artist


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  • De tous les entraînements que Goku a suivi, c'est celui de Kamé Sennin que je préfère. La base de tous les entraînements qu'à suivi Goku réside dans celui là qui leur a appris l'importance du mental. Comme dit Kamé Sennin : "Le but n'est pas de gagner contre quelqu'un mais de ne pas perdre contre sois même".

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    Of all the trainings that Goku followed, it is that of Kamé Sennin that I prefer. The basis of all the training that Goku followed lies in the one that taught them the importance of the mind. As Kamé Sennin says: "The goal is not to win against someone but not to lose against yourself".

  • 自己鍛錬トレーニングをするならばルールを守り、その中で得たものこそが真の自己鍛錬に繋がりそして身になる。







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    If you do self-discipline training, you must follow the rules, and what you get in the process will lead to true self-discipline and become your body.

    I learned about losing and pain, and every time I was hurt, I became stronger.

    So kindness is not weakness.

    There was a lyric like that in the OP2 of Dragon Ball Kai, but this was a very important experience in my life, and I thought it was an undeniable fact.

    Son Goku himself is a kind and pure human being, a human being, so I can empathize with him very much!

    There are many things that I noticed in this article.

    Mr. Katsunori Kikuno, Listener, Ms. Yuuki Yamadai Thank you very much for creating such a helpful guest article!

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  • 僕も武道をしていて、最近又最初から読み始めているのですが、とても素晴らしい考えだと思いました。小さい時には感じることのできなかった亀仙人の良さをわかることが出来てよかったです!

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    I also do martial arts and recently started reading it again from the beginning, and I thought it was a great idea. I'm glad I was able to understand the goodness of Kamesennin, which I didn't realize when I was little!

  • 修行してこそ!強くなれる!亀山流で悟空とクリリンの原点こそ!頂点ですね!????

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    Training! Become stronger! The origin of Goku and Krillin in the Kameyama style! It's the top! ????

  • Well even in the anime and manga. The Angel known as Whis described what Goku, Vegeta are good at. He also described what they are also lacking in terms of fighting. Goku to me always has a carefree attitude towards fighting even when the stakes are high. Vegeta on the other hand is always serious. I believe both Goku and Vegeta balance each other out throughout the series.