Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO DLC Pack 1 Is Coming to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2!

☆Release Date:Available Now
☆Platform:PlayStation 4
☆Release Date:Available Now
☆Platform:PlayStation 4
DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 for Nintendo Switch
☆Release:Available Now
☆Platform:Nintendo Switch

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  • This game will never die!

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    • Autant sortir un Dragon ball xenoverse 3 et mettre tout les nouvreaux perosonnages

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      Might as well release a Dragon ball xenoverse 3 and put all the new characters

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    • This might be a lot to ask but seeing that since one of the gammas is being included, this is a window for opportunity to add cell max as a boss (such as the great apes) in a dlc mission, I’m excited for this dlc but I am also hoping for all possibilities to be taken or at least considered!

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      • Awesome! I love dragonball xenoverse 2. I’m sure we will get gohan beast and orange piccolo. I hope we also get a new transformation like ultra ego or ultra instinct. Maybe SSG, SSB and SSBE to be like SSJ where we can do all three in the same fight. and please make it so SSB doesn’t expire and go back to base form. SSB should be easy to maintain, if SSJ3 is easy to maintain. Frieza race characters are too strong. Saiyans need to be stronger. Earthlings can beat Saiyans, it shouldn’t be like that. Saiyans are supposed to be far stronger.

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        • Epic moment

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