Brand-New Scenario Coming to DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT! The Next DLC Is the Bardock Saga!

☆Release:September 22, 2021 (Sep 24 in NA, EU Regions and Korea)
☆Genre:Action RPG, Anime
☆Platform:Nintendo Switch
☆Release:Available now
☆Genre:Action RPG, Anime
☆Platform:PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / PC Digital
☆Release:Available now
☆Platform:PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / PC Digital
☆Release:Available now
☆Platform:PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / PC Digital

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  • Amazing hopefully broly dlc is next

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    • I, Donald John Trump, approve of this message! Go Bardock! A true patriot of his country, unlike stinkin' Hillary!

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    • I can't wait to play this. I always wanted a bardock rpg. Looks amazing.

    • Amazing news!

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      Amazing news!

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      • YES!! DBZ KAKAROT is like my favorite PC game ever I love it!!

        Next DLC could be Goku Black arc, Tournament of power, Broly movie? Or even Super Hero??

        Keep it up guys!

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        • I like that Bandai is continuing to support their prior games, rather than leaving them alone after the next game release. Looking forward for more content to Dragon ball Z: Kakarot.

        • Was blown away when I seen this. And two more after? I'm already excited trying to guess what they could be!

        • Un DLC avec Bardock ? Ça promet !

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          A DLC with Bardock ? It promises !

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          • Me encantaria jugarlo!!!

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            I would love to play it!!!

          • Looks awesome, excited to play it

          • You know, I have to wonder if this will include any elements from Dragon Ball Super's take on Bardock, sort of like how the Trunks DLC did. Come to think of it, the Bardock TV special's dub in the US is quite divisive due to there being quite a few liberties, so hopefully, this will be our chance to faithfully experience the story in English for the first time!

          • I can’t wait for DLC to be released it looks like it’s going to be a great addition for the game

          • Yes, DBZ Bardock with the blood bandana. Looking forward to this

          • Amazing that will be incredible

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            Amazing that will be incredible

          • I can't wait to explore planet Vegeta. I think a tournament of power ark would awesome.

          • I'm so excited about this DLC and the next that will come.

          • Espero que el próximo sea el de la peli de Broly, quedaría bastante genial ya que irían en el orden que se nos mostró en la película.

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            I hope the next one is from the Broly movie, it would be pretty cool since they would go in the order that we were shown in the movie.

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            • Can't wait for the new season pass and the upgrade to PS5 ????

            • どんどん追加シナリオお待ちしてます!

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              Looking forward to more scenarios!
              I'm looking forward!

            • やった!!絶対やる~

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              Hooray! ! I will definitely do it~

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