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  • 悟空とチチは、義実家なのですが、実家に報告したところ、皆もよく知る母親と父親が参戦してくれることになりました。中野区役所の相談窓口と中小企業で、東邦製作所というところにいます。75歳と72歳のため高齢ですが遺言として戦友と共に活躍してくれるようです。実のおばあちゃんも、92歳と高齢ですが、活躍してくれるようです。宜しくお願いいたします。

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    Goku and Chichi are from the Yoshizane family, but after reporting to the family, it was decided that their mother and father, who everyone knows well, would participate in the war. Nakano Ward Office's consultation desk and small and medium-sized enterprises are located at Toho Seisakusho. He is 75 and 72 years old, so he seems to be active with his comrades in his will. My actual grandmother is 92 years old, but she seems to be active. Thank you.

  • Where I would find or read DB's novels/books?

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    Where I would find or read DB's novels/books?

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