[September 2022] Toyotarou Tried to Draw: A Divine Deity in His Youth!

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  • これからも応援しています!

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    We support you in the future!

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    • Old Kaioshin and witch. Can Toriyama tell us their names? Nice drawing!!

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    • 書いたの?!

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      did you write !

    • いいね!

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      How nice!

    • おおぉーカッコいいですね。

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      Oh, that's cool.

    • I like it :)

    • Arigato ????

    • アイコンが良いのきて嬉しい!!

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      I'm glad you like the icon! !

    • I really like Toyataru's style but it just isn't the same as Akira's.

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