Weekly ☆ Character Showcase #75: Tarble from Dragon Ball: Yo! Goku and His Friends Return!!



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  • シリアスなDBも好きだけど、この作品みたいにみんなで集まってワイワイする感じが最高に楽しくて大好き。

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    I also like the serious DB, but I love the feeling of everyone getting together and having a good time like this one.

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    • Just went and watched this, glad to know it's canon lol. But I was really surprised to see Launch (Lunch) in there! It's extremely funny and nice to see her again.

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    • He is so cool! I can’t believe he’s the strongest saiyan!

    • Cool

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    • *This comment was deleted by its poster.

    • ターブルは好き嫌い分かれそうw

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      Likes and dislikes for table w

    • I wonder, what was the extent of Toriyama's involvement in "Dragon Ball: Yo! Goku and His Friends Return!!"?

    • Tarbel, now there is a name I haven’t heard of in a while. It’s nice remembering characters often overlooked by people

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