Gamma 1 and Gohan (DBS Super Hero) Blasting into Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2!

☆Release Date:Available Now
☆Platform:PlayStation 4
☆Release Date:Available Now
☆Platform:PlayStation 4
DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 for Nintendo Switch
☆Release:Available Now
☆Platform:Nintendo Switch

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  • It's great that u guys are adding more DragonBall Characters from the movies. But there are still some more stuff that yall can add on Xenoverse 2. U guys can add new fight styles for all custom characters to learn, for example my Male custom Saiyan can fight exactly like Goku, my Female Saiyan fighting exactly like Bardock or Caulifla, my Namekian to fight exactly like Piccolo or Nail, etc. Add new features for both Online and Offline Modes like 4v4, 5v5, and 6v6 to make the battles more Intense. Increase the health gauge we get in Online and Offline Battles so the fights last longer. Allow Ally and Enemy COM to use their Awoken Skills in both Parallel Quests and Online and Offline Battles. Have more than one Super Soul equipped to all created and Custom Partner Characters( It can be so hard to chose a really good Super Soul). Allow all players to play with their 1st Character from Xenoverse 1 as playable character for old times sake( our first Character was an Enemy at the end of Story Mode and then became an Ally in the Goku Black Saga, so it makes sense to add him or her as a playable character and we can customize him or her anyway we want with only 3 presets. Finally Allow players to change the color of any clothing ( also clothing from DragonBall Z, Super, and GT into any color for created characters ) For Example, Changing the Whis Symbol Gi to White instead of Orange. And Finally in Raids, Allow players to play with just COM allies that they can choose instead of getting Random Allies. Sometimes playing Raids with other Online Players can be a problem when someone has a bad connection or the host keeps everyone waiting, wasting everyone else's time. Or we can challenge ourselves by fighting the Raid Boss Alone to see if we can last 5 min. I know this is a lot but it will be totally worth it. I hope u guys at Bandai Namco and Dimps can think about these epic update ideas.

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    • Wait What About The Custom Partner Keys? I've Been Waiting For That The Entire Month & A Half!

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      • I wonder if there will be a beast Gohan or maybe a cell Max raid boss.?

      • *This comment was deleted by its poster.

      • I’m honestly super excited for gohan. Hopefully they add beast gohan in DLC pack #2

      • Can't wait to play this. All the way from South Africa

      • ガンマ最高!

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        Gamma is the best!

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        • So Potential Release Change To Potential Unleashed. Sounds Better Than Potential Release.

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          • Lo tengo en mi XBOX pero no me importaría comprarlo de nuevo en Nintendo switch

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            I have it on my XBOX but I wouldn't mind buying it again on Nintendo switch

          • No cap the Dlc is crazy

          • Why isn’t it in Microsoft store??

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            • Iy looks exiting to play

            • I would love a moving saiyan tail

            • LMFAO!!!! Gamma 1s costume for players lookin’ HELLA blursed ????????????????

            • For Xbox?

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              • So is potential Unleashed supposed to be Beast form or what??

              • Nice!!

              • YOOOO FINALY IT CAME

              • Awesome!

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