Ichiban Kuji Dragon Ball: SUPER DRAGON BALL HEROES 4th MISSION Coming Soon! SDBH Characters Join the MASTERLISE Series!

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  • the best fig I have ever seen

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    • Ayy Yo These Look Sick

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    • 本当にがっかりです!


      2023年にはGRANDISTA、DRAGON BALL GALS、GLITTER & GLAMOURSのカリフラ、ケール、ケフラのフィギュアが登場することを心から願っています!

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      Really disappointed!

      We've been asking for Caulifla, Kale, and Kefla figures since 2017, but in 2022 we still have none!

      We sincerely hope to see Caulifla, Kale, and Kefla figures from GRANDISTA, DRAGON BALL GALS, and GLITTER & GLAMOURS in 2023!

    • Goku xénon et Goku black ssjrosé 3 son stylés!!!

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      Goku xenon and Goku black ssjrosé 3 are stylish!!!

    • Elles sont vraiment trop belles ses figurines !!!

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      They are really too beautiful his figurines !!!

    • Je trouve que Dragon Ball GT n’a pas de sens mais les figurines sont très belles

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      I find that Dragon Ball GT does not make sense but the figurines are very beautiful

    • J’aime pas dragon ball GT

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      i don't like dragon ball gt

    • じか弟子のご飯です。大人になりましたけど、子供の映像も使えます。でも、亀仙人やビルス様やかいおうしんさまに挨拶しないと。基本的にピッコロさん師匠なので、バランスは大丈夫ですが。鳥山明先生が師匠です。

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      It's the rice of the disciple. I'm an adult, but I can also use children's videos. But I have to say hello to Master Beerus - sama, and Kai Oushin-sama. Basically, Piccolo-san is my master, so the balance is fine. Akira Toriyama is my teacher.

    • The gogeta looks good

    • Im not really a fan of sdbh but i would definitely buy these if i could