The Last Celebration of the Year, Legends Festival 2022, Is Starting in Dragon Ball Legends!

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  • Dragón Ball legends el mejor juego de dragón Ball de teléfono

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    Dragon Ball legends the best phone Dragon Ball game

  • あかえけさえさかえさかえしえしえさえさあしえさえさえかええさえさえきえええかえええてなてねひてはひててなめらりめりめやらやめりめやをやわめやわやめゆめやわまやまゆまやわまゆ)やめりめやらめり)らまをめゆめやり)ゆ)めゆめゆめよ)よめやめ)やめゆめゆみやまゆめゆめよめゆめらめやをめゆめゆめめめよまよめゆめゆめゆめや(めゆめよめやめゆ)やまよまゆまゆまゆめやめやわめやわまよめゆめやをめゆめゆめゆめゆめや(めわめらやわーわめらや)らやめやら)りめやまや(めゆめやらめらめやわめらや)ゆめやらめやらめゆめめらめりめや

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  • Que recuerdos para mí uno de los mejores personajes de db legends

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    What memories for me, one of the best db legends characters

  • One of my favourite Big Event in Legends I can't wait Legends Festival 2023.

  • To be honest it's really fun. I'm enjoying it!

  • it already is

  • Va ser super epico

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    It's going to be super epic