"Vegeta Moved Us to Tears as Adults" | Borujuku's Chika Tanabe and Nozomi Sakayori Explain Why They're Hooked on Dragon Ball Now More Than Ever

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  • お二人のコメントに共感する部分が多くて読んでて面白かったです。確かに子供の時と今では感じかたは変わりました。因みに私の小学生の息子もドラゴンボール大好きです。同じドラゴンボール好きとしてこれからもドラゴンボールを楽しみましょう!

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    It was interesting to read that there were many parts that sympathized with the comments of the two of you. I definitely feel different now than when I was a kid. By the way, my elementary school son also loves Dragon Ball. As a fellow Dragon Dragon Ball fan, let's continue to enjoy Dragon Ball!

  • 2人のドラゴンボール愛が感じられてとても良い記事ですね!

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    It's a very good article that you can feel the two people's love for Dragon Ball!

  • Yo estoy totalmente de acuerdo ya que hoy en día parece que lo único que importa es como de fuerte sea el personaje, pero en lo que realmente importa es la historia y en la evolución de los personajes y disfrutarlo al máximo de sus capacidades. Y por eso y en muchos más aspectos Dragon Ball para mí es el mejor de todos.

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    I totally agree since nowadays it seems that the only thing that matters is how strong the character is, but what really matters is the story and the evolution of the characters and enjoying it to the best of their abilities. And for that reason and in many more aspects Dragon Ball for me is the best of all.

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