The Dragon Ball Super Manga's New SUPER HERO Arc Is Starting! Let's Take a Look Back at the Previous Arc, Granolah the Survivor!!

The latest English chapters of Dragon Ball Super are being simultaneously released here:


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  • The Granolah the Survivor arc was really good, enjoying the expanding universe and lore. The first chapter of the SUPER HERO arc was a lot of fun and reminded me a lot of early Dragon Ball.

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    • Sup

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      • I loved this arc and can't wait to see where dragon ball goes in the future. :)

      • The best dragon ball super manga

      • I cant wait for the Moro Arc and Granola Arc to come into anime.

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        • Nice arch, I always love when the origins and stories about the Saiyan race are delved into.

        • I enjoyed the Granola arc a lot! It was very different and I wish we would more from Bardock as we go on

        • Such a random ending. Mid to decent arc sometimes. I just hope Toyotaro can fix SupaHero

        • It was cool when vegeta got ultra ego I was hyped when he got it on the manga.

        • Sir please this arc must translate in Hindi and create new web series I request you sir❤️????

        • いつもお世話になっています。今は、かえって来ました。ご飯です。三才からにしました。お義父さん、お義母さん、師匠たちもお元気そうで何よりです。今は、学者やっていて、研究してます。お義父さんや、師匠に戦えと言われたら戦います。芸能関係以外にも、医者と警察も配置しておきました。スマホ持ってるのでいつでも連絡ください。それではお忙しい中失礼いたしました。

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          I am always indebted. Now I'm back. It's rice. I did it from the age of three. I am glad that my father-in-law, mother-in-law, and teachers are all doing well. Now I am a scientist and doing research. If my father-in-law or my master tells me to fight, I will fight. In addition to the entertainment industry, we also have a doctor and a police station. I have a smartphone, so please contact me anytime. Sorry to bother you while you are busy.

        • I enjoyed the Granolah The Survivor arc. Wasn't a big fan of the start of the Super Hero arc though.

        • Honestly I gotta say, Elec was written to be a scumbag and to be disliked, which worked so well he was well written.

        • 今年は、うさぎ年やら、猫やら、馬やら世間が騒がしいですね。

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          This year is the year of the rabbit, cats, horses, and the world is in turmoil.

        • Can wait for more!!!!

        • can i please read the granolah manga for free

        • if goku and vegeta fuse they can beat black frieza

        • Pretty Excited

        • GJ

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        • This was such an awesome arc with a nice twist at the end. Now we can all catch a breather with the Super Hero arc that's a bit lighter but equally as fun. Trunks has always been one of my favourite characters so I'm happy to see this Super Hero arc gives him more ''screen time''.

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