Orange Piccolo Joins the Fight in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2's Hero of Justice DLC Pack 2!

☆Release Date:Available Now
☆Platform:PlayStation 4
☆Release Date:Available Now
☆Platform:PlayStation 4
DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 for Nintendo Switch
☆Release:Available Now
☆Platform:Nintendo Switch

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  • I hope Orange Piccolo becomes an awoken skill for the namekian avatars

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    • So cool! I am excited to hear more information in V Jump!

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      So cool! I am excited to hear more information in V Jump!

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    • I hope this means that we’ll be seeing beast Gohan

    • We need XenoVerse 3 please

    • Glad to see that after 2 months of silence, we finally got a first look at the first (and last) DLC Piccolo. since we won't know anything until next week, here are my speculations for his attacks/stats.

      1. a counter that affects strike skills. he stands perfectly still, tanking the opponents attack, before knocking them away with a haymaker. possible name: Evil dragon strike.
      2. while its not from super hero, but instead from piccolo's fight with salza in the cooler movie, it would make sense. his second move would fire 2 Ki blasts at the target. if it hits, or is blocked, he follows up with a elbow attack that sends the enemy downwards. possible name: Demon thunder strike (name taken from legends)
      3. evil explosion, duh. but when fully charged, he warps to his opponent, firing it at point blank range.
      4. Burst/maximum charge.
      evasive: either super explosive wave or a new version of evil flight strike.
      ult 1 (New). a short yet powerful combo followed up by a supercharged special beam cannon. possible name: Super Dragon Whirlwind.
      ult 2 (Old). either hellzone grenade, reverse mabakusenko, or an existing non-ult move as an ult.
      stats: similar to omega shenron. tons of health, decent ki and stamina, good atk, poor blast, and moderate strike.
      his super soul would most likely boot his supers and speed in return for decreasing stamina recovery and ki restore rate.

      thank you for coming to my ted talk.

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      • Always happy to see more characters added.

      • このまま孫悟飯ビーストもきて欲しい

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        I want Son Gohan Beast to come as it is

      • Can't wait to see what he can do. And if his transformation is a learnable skill for the "Namekian" players it's gonna break the game as how strong everyone will get ????. Can't wait to see more !!

      • I cannot find where to each new episodes nor the movie please make it simpler to find its no where on my phones

      • I cannot wait for this to release!

      • This hype ngl I can't wait

      • I hope this site adds more icons to the site because I just need more of a selection.


      • Looks good , about time piccolo got what he deserves … any news if beast gohan coming in same pack

      • Pas fan d'orange P mais au moins que la transformation ultimate/awakened et orange soit accessible aux avatars namekiens.

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        Not a fan of orange P but at least the ultimate/awakened and orange transformation should be accessible to Namekian avatars.

      • I’m happy that piccolo is gonna came out but why didn’t you add beast gohan? I’m sure piccolo is gonna be amazing but we also wanted beast gohan with that. You could have added him in with the dlc instead of not adding him yet.

      • Hyped for this! Hope his Giant Form is in the game as an Awoken Skill!

      • いらね

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        I need you

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