I Swore I'd Only Make 3 Games! How the PlayStation 2 Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Series Was Born




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  • Only 3 in the series? Did they forget that Infinite World is technically Budokai 4, and that it has the best feeling combat in the series. The back of the game's box literally says "The best of the Budokai series".

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  • リメイクしてくれ…

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    Please remake...

  • HDリマスターしてくれーーー!!たのむーー!!!

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    HD remaster please! ! Please! ! !

  • Definitely would like a game where you operate the RR army, or even a variant of Xenoverse where you exclusively promote destruction and time distortion. I also noticed Mr. Uchiyama owns the “V-jump” edition of Budokai 2, they only released 2,000 copies of them. it offered Cooler, Kuriza, and Majin Frieza (albeit alternate costumes from Frieza). As well as additional costumes for Piccolo and Goku. The game is also 100% completed with a “Z2” difficulty.

  • 初めて買ってもらえたハードがPS2だったのでドラゴンボールZシリーズめちゃくちゃやってました。

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    The first hardware I got was a PS2, so I was playing a lot of the Dragon Ball Z series.
    I love it.

  • Swag Budokai 4