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  • This was a wonderful arc, so much fun. Trunks and Goten are great! And Krilin too!

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    This was a wonderful arc, so much fun. Trunks and Goten are great! And Krillin too!

  • Je voudrais demander si vous comptiez changer le rythme de publication de Dragon Ball Super car je trouve qu'il est tres lent, trop lent

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    I would like to ask if you plan to change the pace of publication of Dragon Ball Super because I find it very slow, too slow

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    • すごく面白かったです。



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      Really it was interesting.
      It was a heartwarming story with laughter, romantic comedy, and action.
      I love you so much.

      Conversation between Mai and Trunks
      I enjoyed it more than the Future Trunks arc, so I was very happy.

      When the book is released, I will definitely buy it!