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  • Man i love the GOETKU and badrock duo cover we need more then together

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    • Wowzers

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    • This is the arc I'm most looking forward to being animated so far! My boy Bardock finally returns and Goku learns who he is... Even if it is the new version of him (I miss his old design, but ah well). Hopefully this isn't the end and we get more of Goku discovering about his parents in the future.

    • Looks really cool! Hope to see more of this manga

    • Me parece sencillamente increíble, Toyotarou cada vez se supera a si mismo, estoy emocionado de que salga en España (mi país)

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      It seems to me simply incredible, Toyotarou every time surpasses itself, I am excited that it comes out in Spain (my country)

    • Ya lo quiero tener en mis manos :D

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      I want to have it in my hands now :D

    • I pray to Dende everyday to see all those sagas in TV series!!
      Rise your hands whos with me!

    • I love you goku

    • Cómo me gusta padre ball.

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      How I like father ball.

    • Bardock? This is about to go hard.

    • Kinda sad that it’s over, but this just mean we get more so, it’s definitely not fair trade!

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      • 今日、やっと読めるっ!

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        I can finally read it today!
        I'm looking forward to it☆

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        • Im only going to have it in 2024 in Canada, so far :'( i love the cover especially the Goku and Bardock duo !!!!

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