Does Dragon Ball's Kintoun Really Exist?! We Asked a Meteorology Expert About the Down-Low on this High-Flying Cloud!


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  • Super intéressant ???????????? ! Mais je ne pense pas que le Kinto-un soit un nuage ☁️ je pense que c'est plutôt un objet magique qui ressemble juste à un nuage ☁️ !

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    Very interesting???????????? ! But I don't think the Kinto-un is a cloud ☁️ I think it's more of a magic item that just looks like a cloud ☁️!

  • いつか本物を作って欲しい。

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    I want to make a real one someday.
    Of course, do not allow bad children to ride. . .
    expected to be completed in 100 years

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  • 筋斗雲は、意志を持たない風に流されるだけの雲とは違い、意思を持つ物体(神様が作ったらしいし)なので、ただ空中を漂う雲との違いとして色を付けたのではないかと思ってました

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    Unlike Kintoun that don't have a will and are simply blown away by the wind, the Sujito cloud is an object with a will (apparently it was created by Kami), so I think they might have given it a color to differentiate it from clouds that just float in the air. It was

  • What a fun article! A very scientific insight, this is what journalism should be like!

  • Very insightful. I have next to no meteorological knowledge, so this was an interesting interview to read. Thank you Professor Ryuichi Kawamura!

  • アニメの影響で、飛んでいる時に筋斗雲のしっぽをギューンと伸ばして描く様になったと、先生が言っていたのを、記事を見ながら思い出しました。

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    Looking at the article, I remembered that the teacher had said that, due to the influence of the anime, when he was flying, he began to stretch out his Kintoun.
    When I was a child, I used to look up at the sky and search for it.