New DRAGON BALL Z: Budokai Tenkaichi Game Confirmed!! Check Out the Teaser Trailer!!

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  • I hope the dev team reads what the community really wants. No really big changes at the gameplay.

    Good luck

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    • This game got fans excited all over the World. Please, take all your Time to make it the best dragonball game ever.
      Here are what fans wish for :
      1) Give us a massive roster with 200+ unique characters (all Budokai Tenkaichi characters + Super and New movies chars) in the base roster, unlockable as we progress in the game. Don't me it DLC unless it's a character after the Tournament of Power.
      2) Make a longer story mode from og DB to DBS (GT included and special sagas), and bring the "what if" back.
      3) Characters should have to transform through out all their forms like bt3 as well as transform down to their base form.
      4) Bring the combat mechanic from Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and make it even better, with more speed, more fluidity, more heavyness in attack, and better offensive and defensive technics. The gameplay in BT3 was the Closest thing WE would Hope for to feel like a db character in a game. Please take it a step further.
      3) Outfits should be destroyable with different stages of destruction like 3. Environments and stage destruction should be more advanced. Highly detailled destruction and the particles don't disappear just after some time.
      4) Include Tournament of Power in the "World Tournament mode" and make it Battle Royale.
      5) Make an exploration mode a little similar to the "Kakarott" game as well as mini games.
      6) Bring back fusion and Giants characters
      7) Beam struggles !
      8) Make attack more explosives ! Energy attack and heavy punch should destroy a large chunk of the Map, massive craters.
      9) For the rest, you Can get inspiration from the layout the YouTuber Treevax gave you.

      If this game has all we fans wish for, we don't Care how much it costs, may it be 100$ or 200$, we will buy it. Please make our dream Come true.

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      • You're all probably well aware of the power and weight the name Budokai Tenkaichi/Sparking carries...I think I speak for all of us when I say, please don't mess this up! Please make sure it's fully ready and DO NOT release it early! Please take your time and make this the best Dragon Ball game you possibly can!

        We're all begging you!...Please!

        No pressure or anything.

      • I think the game should be called Dragon Ball Super: Budokai Tenkaichi, we are in era Dragon Ball Super!

        I would like to play with Caulifla, Kale, Kefla Cabba, Hit, Champa, Vados and Frost in the game!

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        • I had lost hope for this game to ever come out!

          This game has the potential to be the dream game I was imagining as a kid playing tenkaichi 3! Just hope it comes out to pc and that the gameplay is as good as I remember it!

        • At long last, the eternal Shenron has granted us the one wish we all wanted. #BudokaiTenkaichi

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          • I want to play as Grandpa Gohan, please.

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            • What a time to be alive!!! this will be EPIC

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              • I hope nothing gets in terms of characters or gameplay gets changed, except for gameplay being smoother and more characters.

              • This was such a surprise to hear the announcement of the Budokai series getting a brand new installment after 16 years!!! I can't wait to see what the game has in store and I can't wait to see just how big the character selection will be as there now so many characters!!. I hope they also take a few from the Manga like Morro, Vegeta with Ultra Ego, and even Black Frieza. But other than that I am just so so glad to hear this game franchise returns and can't wait to hear more from the team!

              • Here are my ideas that I feel that would make the upcoming Dragon Ball game flawless

                -More advance unique combo system
                -Bring Back combo Dodge swaying, wall throws, and deflections from raging blast
                - When a map is destroyed, have it slowly transition, such as have mountains crumble, the sky slowly change color, or volcanoes erupt all while the fight is going on.
                -Make the maps more interactive like cars passing by, animals and dinosaurs attacking you
                -Allow players to fuse mid battle similar to budokai 3, this will make the players extremely powerful for a limited time.
                -Team attacks
                -Allow plays to grapple each other, when two player hold grab at the same time, they will hold each others arms similar to that in the show, this will operate similar to a beam struggle where players will have to button mash to win
                - Super Red Potara: have more difficult red potaras that make combat more difficult and emulate scenarios from the show, such as ones that, let you fly through energy beams like cooler, grab and throw giant energy balls back at the enemy like Trunks did to Frieza, energy attacks that move at incredibly fast speeds, attacks and ki blast don’t cause you to flinch, all energy ball attacks have tracking and many more
                -Have Dramatic finishers

                Cool Features
                -Have mod support to increase game longevity
                -Customizable charging- Allows players to have effects when they charge, such as rock levitating or summoning lightning storms when charging
                -allow players to toggle between walking and hovering on the ground
                -Have character customization like Raging Blast where there was one character but you can change their costume and moves
                -What if characters
                -Artificial Gravity Room as a map that makes everyone slower
                -Allow plays to disable flying on Tournament of Power map
                -Change the time of day and weather for maps
                -Have one map the size of a whole planet(Planet size from No Man's Sky)
                -Giant Characters their accurate size in the anime

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                • Incredible to see. It seems as though this project came about due to careful listening of fan's praise and love for this video game series.

                  In the same spirit of listening to the fans I hope the developers might consider establishing a point of contact with those who have and still currently play these games competitively. After all they have some of the greatest love for and knowledge of the workings of these games!

                • I hope they look at our comments. I would like the game to really be the same gameplay and mechanic wise. Literally the same game as bt3 but update of graphics, characters, move sets. I think we should have a choice to switch out moves like xenoverse and kakarot. In game transformations and fusions. A character creation space where we can have a wide variety of outfits and things we can add to the characters for abilities and stuff. Changes to the fighting stage after great damage is done. Beam struggles. Just everything we had before just better and i hope we can get the base game as the story start from db and end at tournament of power and what ifs.

                • I'll pre-order this game as soon as possible, I never expected a new Budokai Tenkaichi game from Bandai...I'm so excited!!!

                  I hope they leave that dynamic feeling with the 3D camera behind the character and super combos :) .

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                  • Hope to see Granolah or Playable Great apes as well as loading screens. This has got to be the #1 dbz game for the years to come to truly be a Budokai Tenkaichi game

                  • Llevaba esperando un nuevo budokai tenkaichi desde el último que salió y por fin se ha echo realidad. Estoy muy feliz de ver que por fin vuelve una saga a la que le tengo muchísimo cariño desde pequeño.

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                    I had been waiting for a new budokai tenkaichi since the last one that came out and it has finally come true. I am very happy to see that a saga that I have been very fond of since I was little is finally back.

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                    • This is a dream come true. If they truly build on the base of the previous games, this will undoubtedly be the best Dragon Ball game of all time. I'm excited for the chance to finally play through the story of Dragon Ball Super in a game.

                    • I can't believe it's finally coming I just hope they don't change to much

                    • Pleaaaaaase have a bunch of characters on the base roster. I really hope this game will be good and live up to db budokai tenkaichi 3, and i'm craving for a new trailer or even a little bit of new info. Also i really want to see how my boy Tien looks in this game, i'm extremely curious.

                    • This looks amazing so far I'm really hyped for this game and can't wait to see more.

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