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  • Me gustó mucho que Goten y Trunks hayan tenido protagonismo por un rato y que dejen descansar a Goku y Vegeta. Pero me dio mucha pena el pobre Trunks por que no consiguió el amor de Mai...

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    I really liked that Goten and Trunks had a leading role for a while and that they let Goku and Vegeta rest. But I felt sorry for poor Trunks because he didn't get Mai's love...

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    • Lot people didn't like how trunks and Goten got some of the spot light me personally glad they got some time to shine even tho it was for small amount of time

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    • fire

    • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Woah this looks good as trunks and Goten are one of my favourite characters!

    • Chapter has me wanting the pan and piccolo show.

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