[March 2023] Toyotarou Tried to Draw: The Demon Clan Member Carrying On His Father's Will!

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  • Please draw Videls friend Erasa from when Gohan went to Orange Star High School.

  • Sensei, could you draw the characters from Dragon Ball Legends? Shallot, Giblet and Zahha are really cool

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    Sensei, could you draw the characters from Dragon Ball Legends? Shallot, Giblet and Zahha are really cool

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  • *This comment was deleted by its poster.

  • とよたろう先生こんにちは、鳥山明先生と一緒に 人造人間11号 12号を完成させて頂きたいです。出来れば人造人間17号、18号の父母設定で美男美女でお願い致します。ドラゴンボール超面白いです。鳥山先生と二人三脚で頑張って下さい。

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    Hello Toyotarou sensei, I would like to complete Android 11 and 12 with Akira Toriyama-sensei. If possible, please be handsome and beautiful with Android 17 and No. 18 as parents. Dragon Ball Super is fun. Please do your best together with Toriyama-sensei.

  • I would like to see Janemba drawn by Toyotaro or even Tapion, for that matter. Seeing all these classic Dragon Ball and Z characters drawn by Super's illustrator is very nice.

  • I want to know charakter Daishinkan please:)

  • I want to know charakter Daishinkan:)

  • Could you draw Kibito revealing his muscles?


  • 魔族繋がりでスラッグの部下のゼエウンのイラストを見てみたいです!

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    I'd love to see an illustration of Slug's subordinate, Zeiun, in Mazoku Tsunaji!

  • Poderia desenhar o Hatchiyack (ハッチヒャック).

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    It could unharness or Hatchiyack (ハッチヒャック).

  • I would love to see more drawing of the Namekians

  • [誤訳して申し訳ありません] 豊太郎、鳥山明、その他すべての東映アニメーションのアニメーター、久保田親志、その他すべてのスーパー ヒーロー アニメーターに、小さなパンの真の可能性について紹介する新しいビデオを次に示します。

  • [Sorry for the mistranslation] Here is a new video to show to Toyotaro, Akira Toriyama, all other Toei Animation animators, Chikashi Kubota and all other Super Hero animators about little Pan's true potential:

  • 豊太郎さん、ラディッツと対峙した農夫が大師官を勝ち取ってくれませんか?かなりコミカルになると思います

  • とよたろう先生が異世界で初めて超サイヤ人3になる悟空を描いてほしい

  • ケール

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  • Here is a new training simulation in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for little Pan:
    Piccolo Saikyo no Senshi (Potential Unlocked) vs Kid Pan DBS

  • めっちゃうまい

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    insanely good

  • It would be sweet to see Cooler being drawn as well

  • I love DB movies! Could you draw the special characters from the video game Dragon Ball: Shenlong no Nazo from 1986? Thanks!