Morning Musume '23 Maria Makino's "Goku Mind" and How Standing on a Huge Stage Gets Her Feeling Pumped!

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  • 牧野さんが思ったよりガチ勢で最高

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    Makino-san is more serious than I thought and is the best

  • 真莉愛ちゃんのドラゴンボール愛が伝わってきて最高な記事!

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    A great article that conveys Maria's love for Dragon Ball!
    It was the first time I knew that I came up with the words for Chi-chan in the middle of the night. Then remember the lines... how amazing!
    Maria-chan's DB blog was said by the interviewer to have a strange amount of heat, and I laughed ????
    Mariat is the best! ! ! ! ! ! ! !