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  • Hi! I've seen almost EVERYTHING in Dragon Ball franchise, but now, to be honest, one of the last few things I care about in this franchise is finally discovering little Pan's TRUE potential! Can't wait for the chapters from 93 onwards of the Super manga to come out! This little girl is very brave, smart and tough, and she REALLY deserves to unleash her TRUE potential and obtain these cool forms:

    Saikyo no Senshi (Ultimate/Mystic form)
    Training simulations in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber

    and Saikyo no Senshi Orange (Beast Orange)

    Of course, to be cool, transformations don't always and necessarily have to show their hair up. And to make them come true even faster let's not forget the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and planet Beerus! In Super Hero movie Piccolo says that Pan has more potential than Gohan! And in the Super manga Piccolo says that Pan has more talent than her father and wants to mold her into a splendid demon/the perfect little demon! So you intend a splendid warrior/a perfect little warrior, right? Well, it's about time to show us! Can't wait to see this SURPRISING novelty in Dragon Ball! Goten, Trunks (SSJ) and Gotenks (SSJ3) have already unlocked their potential at only 6-7 years old, but Pan can do it even before that age, considering that she has more potential than Gohan, she inherited his IMMENSE Mystic potential! So, i think you know, we don't wanna see a weak and annoying Pan (GT Pan and Pan Time Patrol from Super Dragon Ball Heroes) anymore!

    Oh, could you please contact Toyotaro, Akira Toriyama, Chikashi Kubota and the Toei Animation animators and send them these ideas and make them come true in the Super manga, in the 2 new anime series and in the next movies?

  • I can't wait to see a new Dragon Ball Anime!!

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  • @Toyotaro-san: I have a question for you. To be honest, I don't understand how Krillin could be beaten from the insect cyborg Hachimaru. The earthling won a fight against Yunba but he was beaten by one tackle from Hachimaru...

    My question is: compared to old villania, how much is Krillin strong now?

    Thank you in advance!

    @豊太郎さん: 質問があります。 正直、クリリンが昆虫サイボーグのハチマルにどうやって倒されたのかよく分からない。 地球人はユンバとの戦いに勝ったが、八丸のタックル一発で打ちのめされてしまった…



  • Trop bien mais y aura quand en français ?

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    Too good but when will there be in French?