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  • Vivement demain pour le Goku Day ! Et bonne chance à Toyotaro pour son manga !!!

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    Roll on tomorrow for Goku Day ! And good luck to Toyotaro for his manga!!!

  • Happy Goku day! The day Goku saved the Earth from Piccolo Daimaoh.

    I like Broly, Cheelai, and Lemo team!

  • Excited for Goku/Piccolo day and can't wait for the poll as I really would want this quote to win where Son Goku talks to Gohan in the room of spirit and time about the weaknesses of Sūpā Saiyajin Grades 3 and 4. It is an essential lesson for Son Gohan as a fighter because half Saiyajins, like Trunks, would raise their power levels and cost their speed.
    In Piccolo's case, his two quotes of him Announcing himself as the reincarnation of Piccolo Daimao and wanting to take over the world to him in Dragon Ball Super, where he tells Gamma 2 how he ISNT Piccolo Daimao and just Piccolo showing how much he has changed thanks to his allies especially Gohan who had a significant influence on Piccolo as Tang Sanzang did on Sun Wukong.

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