Weekly ☆ Character Showcase #106: Zamasu from Dragon Ball Super!


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  • 来週のキャラクターは、ザマスよりも偉い立場のあの人!

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    Next week's character is someone in a higher position than Zamasu!
    Please let us know your predictions in the comments!

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    • What I like about Zamasu is his false sense of Justice, which his Ego fueled as a Martial artist when he lost against Goku, and his pride wouldn't accept that he somewhat lost against a mortal.
      This was a test Gowas put him under to see how he would react and finally understand that you must be "humble"; if you lose, you improve.
      Unfortunately, it fuels his anger further, which leads him to be more blinded by Gowas' further teachings and eventually leads him to conclude his judgment is justified.
      He should enact his plan, which doesn't make him evil like other villains due to him having pure intentions only difference here is that it's not helping anyone and just fueling his ego, something polar opposite to that of Kame Senin's teachings about Budō (practice Martial arts for self-improvement not to stand on the top), always train because there will always be someone stronger and more about finish an enemy off without making them suffer.
      These teachings helped Son Goku's actions not to make him gain anything but help everyone around him with pure intentions, which is where Zamasu and Goku get opposites.

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    • Raddest twink ever

    • *This comment was deleted by its poster.

    • ザマス好きなので嬉しいです(^.^)ノ

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      I like Zamasu so I'm happy (^.^)ノ

    • ケール

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    • Zamasu is my favorite villain in Dragon Ball Super, happy to see him get a spotlight!

    • ずばり「ゴワス」でごわすね。

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      Gowasu is right out.