A New Masterpiece Born From the Latest Technology! S.H.Figuarts Releases GOKU -LEGENDARY SUPER SAIYAN- !

☆Scheduled Release: November 2023
☆MRRP: 7150 yen(Tax incl.)
☆Ages 15 and over
☆Set Contents
・Main Body
・Three optional expression parts
・5 Pairs of optional hand parts
・Optional front hair part
・Optional head part
・Kamehameha effect part

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  • このフィギュアの発表すこし後に、たましいの秋葉原店で見ていた。なんかすごくいいと思った。発売お楽しめる!!

  • ほんと最近のフィギュアすごい!

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    The latest figures are amazing!

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  • This is a masterpiece I am going to cop

  • Looks so good. Might actually get it.

  • I can't wait to get this figure! He looks the same as he was near the end of the Frieza Arc! Awesome!

  • Looks great, and he has a lot of accessories!

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    • I am buying this figure the day it comes out, it's just awesome in any way!

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      I am buying this figure the day it comes out, it's just awesome in any way!

    • When will Vegta get his glory?

    • That is so epic

    • All we need is Frieza now!!!

    • This figure looks amazing! Might be the first action figure i consider.


    • Nice! I know that shfiguarts always have good adjustments with their figures.

    • I want this soo bad !!!!!!!!

    • Que epico, ya basta freezer

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      How epic, enough freezer

    • かっこよすぎる✨

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      Too cool ✨

    • this is sick

    • This is sick

    • Classic original look.