Could Humans Survive on Planet Namek? We Asked an Expert to Tell Us About the Planet's Ecosystem


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  • I wonder if by 2050 we will have Dragon Ball Super 2... XD

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    • 解説していただいたナメック星はフリーザに破壊されてしまうわけなんですが、ポルンガに頼んで同じような星に移住できたようなので、そこも地球や従来のナメック星と同じような環境なんでしょうね。

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      The Planet Namek that you explained was Destruction by Frieza , but it seems that Porunga was able to migrate to a similar planet, so it must be the same environment as Earth and the conventional Planet Namek. .
      Will Azissa Seedlings Grow?

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    • 雲に住む微生物が気になりますね!とても面白かった!


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      I'm curious about the microorganisms that live in the clouds! It was so funny!

      Please also do the Mysteries of Namekian

    • Très bonne idée d'article, les sujets évoqués sont intéressants, même s'il eut été intéressant de pousser la réflexion sur certains sujets (comment la population Namek est arrivé sur la planète, possibilité d'un tel voyage depuis la Terre, etc.).

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      Very good idea for an article, the subjects mentioned are interesting, even if it would have been interesting to further reflect on certain subjects (how the Namek population arrived on the planet, possibility of such a trip from Earth, etc. ).

    • How are the Namekian living there?

    • .

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    • C'était un article très intéressant !

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      It was a very interesting article!