Could Hoipoi Capsules Really Exist Someday? We Asked Real Engineers Who Are Developing A "Portable Vehicle"!


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  • 連載当時は、非現実的で世の中に存在し得ないものを発想し絵に表現出来る鳥山明先生に、読者は憧れと尊敬の念を持っていたと思います

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    At the time of the series, I think readers had a sense of admiration and respect for Mr. Akira Toriyama, who was able to conceive of things that were unrealistic and could not exist in the world, and express them in pictures.I wouldn't say they were exactly the same, but they were close. There may be a future that can be created.

  • Wishful thinking but great article. Thank you for continuing the Dragon Ball manga and anime.

  • Yeah, I don't think Hoi-Pois will exist anytime soon.