[July 2023] Toyotarou Tried to Draw: The Star Of a Long-Awaited Movie Premiering Next Month!

The latest English chapters of Dragon Ball Super are being simultaneously released here:



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  • Beezlebub’s father looks so much like Dabra from the Majin saga.

  • I would like Toyotarou to draw Goku in Super Saiyan 4

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  • セルの抜け殻をリクエスト希望します。

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    I would like to request a Cell shell.

  • I love Sand Land!

    Beelzebub's father looks exactly like Drabra from Dragon Ball.

  • Me gustaría que toyotaro dibujara al abuelito de Goku

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    I would like Toyotaro to draw Goku's grandpa

  • え!めっちゃベルゼブブ描くのうまいやん!さすがとよたろう先生。

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    picture! You're really good at drawing BEELZEBUB! Professor Toyotarou.
    It's similar to Toriyama-sensei's painting, but it's full of teacher-likeness.
    It's good that it's not exactly like that!