The Story Enters the SUPER HERO Arc! Volume 21 of the Dragon Ball Super Manga On Sale Now!

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  • 発売日当日に、購入しました!


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    I bought it on the day it was released!

    I really like the cover and the energetic illustrations!
    The combination of Goten, Trunks and Mai
    It's interesting and I love it.

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    • La couverture est vraiment réussi je trouve

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      The cover is really successful I think

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    • J'espère qu'il sort bien tôt en France
      La hype ????????????????

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      I hope it comes out soon in France
      The hype ????????????????

    • yo lo compraria si estuviera en la version argentina y lo pondria en mi biblioteca de mangas de dragon ball

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      I would buy it if it was in the Argentine version and I would put it in my dragon ball manga library

    • 最高でした( *´꒳`*)

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      It was the best (*´꒳`*)

    • *This comment was deleted by its poster.