Release Date Announced for DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT's Fifth DLC!

☆Release:Available now
☆Genre:Action RPG, Anime
☆Platform:Nintendo Switch
☆Release:Available now
☆Genre:Action RPG, Anime
☆Platform:PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / PC Digital/PlayStation 5/ Xbox Series X|S
☆Release:Available now
☆Platform:PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / PC Digital/PlayStation 5/ Xbox Series X|S
☆Release:Available now
☆Platform:PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / PC Digital/PlayStation 5/ Xbox Series X|S

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  • J’aimerai bien le tournoi du pouvoir en dlc

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    I would like the tournament of power in dlc

  • Please, please, please make the while of the original dragonball playable!!!!!

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    • Finally, 23 Tenkaichi Budokai content. Would be neat if we got other Dragon ball content too.

    • Finally a DLC that makes us relive the emotions of the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai!

    • cool that there adding other dragon ball stuff outside of z

    • This is a bad DLC, there is so much cooler stuff to do then the first tournament.... lame, lame and more lame!!! Add more characters and more to do, not dumb dlc with no point

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      • Some ideas for additional dlc content!

        1. Other World saga (training, tournament, & Goku achieving ssj3 for the first time!)

        2. Snake Way & He11 (Goz & Mez quests, escape from He11, princess snake's palace/giant snake chace, training w/ King kai & bubbles).

        3. Movies (Super android 13, Bojack Unbound, Wrath of the Dragon, & Fusion Reborn)

        I LOVE this game. I haven't enjoyed an anime game this much since Budokai 1. It has always been my favorite and I got the same chills watching Goku vs Frieza in Kakarot. Everything about this game is incredible, open world, quests, lvl system, in-battle transformations, etc. best DB game ever. Even the dlc collection is awesome. I actually never saw the Dragonball anime, just read the manga so it was awesome getting to see pre-Z content.

      • えかえきえきえくえかえさかえきえさかえきえさえかさええさえかきえきかしえさえしえさかさえかさえしえさえしえかけかえしえしえしえさえきえさえさかえかさえかえかさえかさえさえええさええかけてなひてなはひてにてなにてなひてはなてはなてなひてはにてはなてはひてひてなはてなひてなはなてはひてはにてなにてなにてはにてにてなにてにてなにねはてはてはまゆめりめやわめやを)ゆめや()や(めやめやわめら)らわめらめやわめよ)やめゆめゆ)ゆめやめゆ)らめや)わめやめやわめゆめゆめゆ)やめや(めや(めらまやわめやめやわめわをや(め

      • i wonder how different Goku's moveset will be for the end of the original dragon ball

      • Hâte de découvrir ce DLC ! Sûrement un des tournois les plus marquants.

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        Looking forward to discovering this DLC ! Certainly one of the most memorable tournaments.

      • Yooo this looks sick

      • Toei animation u r a tuff one dragon Ball reebot like chikashi kuboto sir said same as anime and manga not childish and want looks like z style of characters please ????

      • I honestly wish they could fit all of goku battles and the entirety of dbz and dragonball in this game but ik thats asking the developers way too much but i hope more can be added in a kakarot sequel who knows maybe my wish will come true and they add it to the kakarot that already exists heres to hoping for even more content ????

      • Fantastic! The game becomes more and more "complete". I'd like to see it supported for another few years, maybe with Film/OAV. GT would be great too.

      • Honestly
        As a long term dragon ball fan I have high expectations. And hope this dlc fullfils my expectations.

        Sincerely : Bardock_ssj2

      • This DLC is gonna be fire

      • I can't wait until dlc 5!

      • My guess was the 13th not the 17th

      • Por fin????

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        At last????

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