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  • Orange piccolo was one of the most deserved transformations

  • 私たちがブラジルで望んでいるのは、アキラ大叔父がドラゴンボールの力にもっと取り組んでほしいということだけです。たとえば、主人公たちは実際に宇宙を滅ぼすことに成功します。気を高めることだけに集中するのではなく、並外れたスキルを習得してください。

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    • Pour moi, cet arc et très bien mais le seul problème et que j'ai déjà vu le film et que je sais déjà tous ce qu'il va se passer. Sinon, j'adore les ajouts de Toyotaro sensei à chaque chapitres !

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      For me, this arc is very good, but the only problem is that I've already seen the film and I already know what's going to happen. Otherwise, I love Toyotaro sensei's additions to each chapter!

    • A dragon ballz fan manga:dragon ball x,chapter 1 Goten dies:"hey,Chi-Chi!wait what's wrong? your usually happy to see me..." Goku sees Chi-Chi looking at goten's clothes "I saw a green monster eat Goten with it's tail *sniff*... I think cell is alive again!!!"Goku goes to beerus's place.beerus is intrigued and goes with Goku to be continued...reply with ideas for chapter 2 please!

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