Dragon Ball Exhibit Coming to New York Comic Con 2023!

New York Comic Con 2023
Venue : Javits Center, NYC
Date : October 12th(Thu) - 15th(Sun), 2023
Address : 429 11th Ave, New York, NY 10001


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  • I'm So Exited for Anime Return.

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    • i sure hope there is going to be news for a new dragon ball anime, no one wants sandland!

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    • I hope to see some more info about the new Budokai Tenkaichi game!

    • I really hope they show the new dragon ball game or even announce the new dragon ball super season from the Mangas cause I been waiting forever ????????

    • Please I just want to see the gameplay of budokai tenkaichi 4 plis

    • They better show budokai 4 or season 2 to the anime or else I won’t be interested

    • Let the internet break once again.
      Show everyone that dragon ball is back

    • I hope they will announce the continuation of DB Super.

    • Please release Dragonballsuper2 or Announce next movies or manga

      And I'm from India ( Tamil) (தமிழ் )

      Help of Cartoon Network and crunchyroll, please release in TamilNadu (India)

      I'm bigggg fan of Dragonballsuper ????????

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    • Add Goku to Smash Bros

    • I can’t wait to see what is revealed!

    • We want Dragon Ball Anime from Broly's Arc.

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    • A ver si vuelve el anime, que nos hacemos viejos!

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      Let's see if the anime comes back, we're getting old!

    • ストーリー、展開、第6宇宙との戦いが新鮮な空気をもたらします!


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