Weekly ☆ Character Showcase #124: Dr. Brief!


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  • いつもコメントや予想、ありがとうございます!

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    Thank you for your comments and predictions!
    Next week's character is Brief's daughter!
    Please let us know your predictions in the comments!

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    • J'adore revoir des personnages comme lui dans Dragon ball Super !

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      I love seeing characters like him again in Dragon Ball Super!

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    • ベジータが300倍の重力室作るよう頼んだ時、作るのが大変とかじゃなくて、体の心配をしてあげるのは、優しさと天才の表れだと思う。

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      When Vegeta asked him to build a 300x gravity chamber, I don't think it would be difficult to build it, but I think it's a sign of kindness and genius that he takes care of his body.

    • あかえきえさえさきええしえさえさえさかえさえかさえさきえさかえかえかええさえかえかさえさかえかえさかえさえかあさえかえさかえかえなてはてはにてはひてにてはなてひてなてはてにてにてらねや)やめやめやめをめらやめやらめやりめよまよめゆめゆまゆまゆまやたやめや(めよめゆまゆめやわめゆめやめやまらめやまゆめや(めやらめやりめやめや)まよめや(めやめわめりめゆ)ゆめやらめゆめやら)よめゅ)よめゆ)やめりめゆめゆめやまらめゆめやらめゆらりめら(めゆめらわ)や)や(めゆめやりゆ)ゆめゆめゆ)やりめや(めゆめらやめや(めや

    • ポイポイカプセル欲しい

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      I want poipoi capsules

    • We call the cat Scratch. Is that his name? Who knows...

    • The real question is: what is his wife's name?