DRAGON BALL Games Battle Hour 2024 Coming Soon!

DRAGON BALL Games Battle Hour 2024
Locarion:  Los Angeles Convention Center.
Schedule: January 27th (Sat) - 28th (Sun), 2024



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  • Que ansias nunca supe que estaria este tipo de torneos

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    I'm so excited, I never knew there would be this type of tournaments.

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    • I've really wanted to watch it since i knew about it

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    • えさえかさえさえさえさえしええしえすえしえしえさえさかえかさえさえかさかえしえしえすえさかえさかけしえさきえさあさえきえさてなはてひてはひてはたなてはてはなねなてゆめ(をやりめゆらめやらりめ(や(めやらりめやらめらりめりめりめや(めやらめやら)らり(めやめ(てひはひてなはてひひてはひえさかけさえきえさけさてなはねなてなひてはひはひてはてはてに)やら)やら)りめわをめや(めやめやら)やら)らりめやり)りめやり)らてゆめてひてなひてねはひてはひてはてはにえさかえさええさたきてなてはえひえかてひ)やらやりめら。)

    • Love DBFZ. I may participate in the tournament just for fun or just support as a spectator. Looking forward to it!

    • 日本でも始まるカードゲームなのでとても楽しみです!!

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      I'm really looking forward to this card game since it's starting in Japan! !

    • Never seen the Super Card Game before, I'm interested to see people play it on a competitive level.

    • Goood

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    • Seems interesting. I don't know that much about the Dragon Ball competitive scene, so it will be fun to learn about.