Weekly ☆ Character Showcase #127: Tenshinhan from the Saiyan Arc!


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  • 今週は正解されている方も多かったですね!

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    There were many people who answered correctly this week!
    Next week's character is the one that Tenshinhan defeated!
    Please let us know your predictions in the comments!

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    • Tao Pai Pai for the next one ? Or that could be Nam tho.

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      Tao Pai Pai for the next one? Or that could be Nam tho.

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    • tremendo personaje!

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      tremendous character!

    • あさあしえしえさしかえさてなはひてなはてはてなめやらめやをやわめゆめやらめゆめらめをめやりめやらめやらめや(めやりやらめやらりりめりめらやめやめりめゆまやらまやらめりてはなねてなてなにさあきえかさえかえさえしけてはひてなひてひめやらやめやらめやわめゆめやわめゆめやめりてにてなはひてはなてなてなひはひなはてえさええしえかえしえきてにてひたなめやりめやらめをめやらてなはてなひてなはらてなはてなはてなええさえさえかてひねやまらやめやりめ、をやをめやめ)わめやてはひてなひてはてなにてなひなひえきえかえこにてなやめや

    • The Saiyan arc was epic!

      Yamcha, Chaoz, Tenshinhan, Piccolo and Kami died. Goku avenged them defeating Nappa.

    • 結構いる気がするけど...退治といえば、桃白白じゃないかな

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      I feel like there are quite a few, but when it comes to getting rid of them, I think it's Taopaipai.

    • Chiaotzu?

    • *This comment was deleted by its poster.