We Asked an Expert About the Father/Son Relationship Between Vegeta and Trunks and Got a Surprisingly Emotional Answer!


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  • It was an unexpected surprise seeing an article of the psychology of one of the most complex characters in Dragon Ball. I always love it when people talk about psychology in shows and Vegeta is one of my favorite characters of all time! It was an awesome read and would love to see more psychology posts like this in the future.

  • ほんとにベジータの心理って難しいのに、それを作品の立ち回りとして最高のストーリーに仕上げる鳥山先生の脚本力はすごい。

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    Vegeta's psychology is really difficult, but Toriyama-sensei's scriptwriting skills are amazing as he manages to turn it into the best story for the work.

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  • ベジータの心理的変化がよく分かるとても興味深い内容でした。

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    It was a very interesting story that clearly showed Vegeta's psychological changes.
    If you apply the effects of aging and the surrounding environment, such as generational characteristics and midlife crisis, to Goku, you can create a very interesting delusion. I would like to read more articles like this.

  • Wow. This was a fascinating piece right here. Really loved it. Please do more of these.

  • Wow please do more of these:)
    for example an analysis about Gohan, why he hates fighting. He grew up very differently than Goku after all

  • Un analisis psicologico excelente de uno de los mejores personajes de ficcion jamas creados. En Dragon Ball, Vegeta es claramente el personaje mas complejo y el que tiene un mayor desarrollo y evolucion.
    Me ha encantado, y os animo a crear mas articulos similares.

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    An excellent psychological analysis of one of the best fictional characters ever created. In Dragon Ball, Vegeta is clearly the most complex character and the one with the greatest development and evolution.
    I loved it, and I encourage you to create more similar articles.

  • I WANT MORE OF THESE! While listening to the stories it was really interesting and “not boring” and all this made sense, and the theorys ive been reading this till the end and wanted to see till the end of “Vegetas and Trunks relationships.” I loved reading this whole “Article” Make interesting stuff like this! Pls!
    Thank you for reading this!

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    • Man the Android and buu sagas hit different

    • そうか。ベジータとトランクス親子。

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      I see. Vegeta and Trunks, father and son.

    • Beautiful