11/20 Marks the 39th Anniversary of the Dragon Ball Manga!


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  • 39周年を迎えたドラゴンボール!

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    Dragon Ball celebrates its 39th anniversary!
    We will continue to send you more news!
    Please let us know your memories of Dragon Ball in the comments!

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    • Happy birthday, Dragon Ball!

      Goku and Bulma didn't know where they were getting into. What a journey!

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      • Happy 39th Anniversary. Looking forward to DB Daima too. Hope everything goes well.

      • i want to get present. i am korean!

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        i want to get present. i am korean!

      • Happy Anniversary!

      • 欲しいっ!

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        I want it!

      • I’m glad I’ve been apart of this journey with everyone else!

      • Dragon Ball Z buu saga when goku transforms into Super Saiyan 3 is my Favourite moment

      • I watch Dragon Ball Z with my son


      • Parabens ao meu anime favorito de todos o número 1 desde pequenino que vi Dragon Ball agora tenho 30anos acompanhei a saga e espero ver durante mais uns 30 ou 40anos

      • It not only a show it is part of our lives and heart

      • *This comment was deleted by its poster.

      • Feliz cumpleaños papaball

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        Happy birthday papaball

      • Flippity dippity, I haven’t been here for a year yet but already celebrating an anniversary, that sentence made no sense lol, I used to hate anime because I thought all of it was just fan service and nsfw but my friend got me into dragon ball, I finished Z and Og but Super isn’t in English on crunchy roll, and I can’t find a non-virus pirated website so I’m kinda at a loss, anyways happy 39th db! :D

      • Thanks for making my childhood AND adulthood more fun Dragonball!
        Hopefully by the 40th anniv Daima production's been stopped by the continuation of DBSuper!

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