[January 8th] Weekly Dragon Ball News Special Edition Part 2: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 100 & Volume 22 Celebration



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  • Cool interview, but no news about the future arcs...

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    • 早く新巻が見たいです!子どもたちも大好きです!

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      I want to see the new volume soon! Children love it too!

    • Just glad we are getting some new content after this utterly dry year.

    • 鳥山先生の描く、自然なコマ割り、見やすい構図、ベタ塗りのバランスなど数々の凄い技術があるけど、それは、とよたろう先生がおっしゃるように、理論化してから書いてるわけじゃないってのが、もう漫画家としての身勝手の極意だよな。

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      Toriyama-sensei has many amazing drawing techniques, such as natural frame division, easy-to-read compositions, and solid color balance, but as Toyotarou sensei says, he doesn't write after theorizing. That's the Ultra Instinct as a manga artist.
      I'd like to see Toyotarou sensei's DB commentary or something like a special program.